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Online courses are available 24/7 

Official certificates of completion are emailed immediately.


The S.T.O.P. Class is a Driver Education Program that educates students on the repercussions of committing traffic violations.

The S.T.O.P. Class has a powerful online class platform. From application to completion, the program is efficient and seamless. Our classes are available 24/7, enabling students to engage in learning at any time.  Additionally, upon successful completion, students promptly receive their certificates via email.

       The S.T.O.P Class covers:

  • License Suspensions

  • Informing you of any new or modified traffic laws

  • The consequences of committing traffic violations

  • The dangers of texting while driving

  • Seat belt safety

  • The risks of drug and alcohol use

  • The dangers of racing

  • Sharing the road with motorcycles

  • Real-life stories and powerful videos 

  • Along with several other topics

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