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Your demo session

has been registered

An email has been sent to the Participant's email address containing the username and password to login to the class. For your convenience, the information is provided below.

Please note the following differences from your demo experience verses an actual registered customer.

  1. You don't have to pay. Just login using the Online Class link above, but the PayPal link is still provided below.

  2. If you do not pass the tests, you can proceed while others will have to review the section again and retake the test.

  3. Your certificate at the end will have the word "DEMO" in your name.

  4. You will be allowed to take the class as many times as you want until midnight on the day you created the account. Everyone else can take the class as many times as it takes for them to pass the tests. Once they pass all tests, they will get their certificate and their login will expire.

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